A350 Upgrade – MP Doubts Major New Road, But Melbury Demolitions Possible

North Dorset’s MP doubts whether an exercise to assess the potential for upgrading the A350 will result in a new route or dual carriageway road.

And Simon Hoare says it is possible that homes in Melbury Abbas will be demolished to improve the C13.

MP Simon Hoare

Highways England is scoping options for improving road links between the M4 and Poole. Last month Trevor Clements, chairman of Compton Abbas Parish Council, spoke on behalf of the A350 group which represents the Dorset parishes along the road. The group is concerned that economic demand will override the need to protect the Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

But Simon Hoare says a new road is ‘dead as a dodo’ because he has seen no statistics to support the economic argument for the route at huge expense. He has shared his view with the transport minister and fellow MPs who have constituencies along the route. Listen to our interview.