Brexit And Pandemic Mean Dorset Council Is Struggling To Empty Your Bins

Dorset Council says they are struggling with their refuse collection and garden waste removal services.

Staff are working overtime and weekends and that’s ‘not sustainable’, they say. Some garden collections may be delayed or cancelled, and litter bins are being emptied less frequently.

Dorset Council wants residents to help. You can take your own rubbish to the Wincombe tip. They say you should not place rubbish that won’t fit inside the bin on top of it or alongside it. Keep it at home until the next collection. And if you see anyone overfilling their bin, they want you to report it.

The national shortage of lorry drivers, blamed on the pandemic and Brexit, is impacting local services. Cllr Jill Haynes overseas refuse for Dorset Council. In our interview, Jill tells Alfred there is another distinctly local issue that is adding to the problem.