Casting Your Vote On Thursday Will Be COVID-Safe

Dorset Council says they will do everything they can to make sure polling booths are COVID- safe on Thursday.

The town’s polling stations are the Town Hall and the Royal Chase Hotel. Village polling stations include Motcombe Memorial Hall, Fontmell Magna Village Hall and Melbury Abbas and Cann Village Hall.

Shaftesbury West Ward residents will be able to elect a new town councillor, choosing between Virginia Edwyn-Jones and Mike Madgwick. The community will also be asked to vote on adopting the Shaftesbury Neighbourhood Plan. And you can vote for the Police and Crime Commissioner.

If you test positive or display symptoms, you can arrange for somebody to cast your vote on your behalf – a proxy ballot – right up until 5.00pm on Thursday. And the council want you to take your own pen or pencil to mark your ballot paper, if possible.

Counting of votes won’t start until 10am on Friday.