Chamber Of Commerce Chair Elected To Shaftesbury Town Council

Chamber of Commerce chairman, Virginia Edwyn-Jones, has been elected to Shaftesbury Town Council in Thursday’s by-election.

Virginia polled 679 votes. 468 people voted for her opponent Mike Madgwick. There was a 38% turnout.

Chamber of Commerce chairman Virginia Edwyn-Jones

Through traffic is likely to return to Shaftesbury High Street after 21st June when the temporary COVID-19 safety order ends. Virginia shares some brief thoughts on the temporary pedestrianisation. “I think it’s going to be quite a shock to quite a lot of people. They’ll have forgotten just how tricky our High Street is, when it’s full flowing with everybody who wants to access it,” Virginia said.

She says she is keen to better understand another of our town’s major issues, the Bus Gate, which she describes as ‘bizarre’.