Council Committee Hopes To Spend £100k Enhancing St James’ Park And Slope

Town Councillors have discussed a £100,000 makeover of St James’ Park.

Shaftesbury Town Council’s Recreation and Open Spaces Committee is keen to create a masterplan for enhancing the entire area, including the slope rising to Park Walk. A new non-gender-specific play park designed to appeal to both boys and girls will be created first, if the Full Council agrees.

The Jubilee Steps railings.

Planning Committee chairman Virginia Edwyn-Jones says the scaffolding pole handrail along the Jubilee Steps will be replaced this year. She wants something more appropriate for the setting. Virginia shares her vision in our report.

The design of the Gold Hill hand rail impresses Virginia Edwyn-Jones.

In the future, the Jubilee Steps path could be re-laid, removing the steps to improve disabled access. But acting town clerk Brie Logan told members that they won’t be able to achieve everything within the £ 100,000 budget.

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