Council To Recruit Maltings Residents To Shape Mampitts Square Plans

If you live on Shaftesbury’s eastern development, you’re going to be asked to join a committee of six residents, which will determine how land at Mampitts Square could be used.

On Tuesday night, Shaftesbury Town Council’s General Management Committee formed this advisory group. It will be led by Cllr Piers Brown and Cllr Matthew Welch.

The Town Council wanted a group in place, ready for when Dorset Council determines which body can take up the ownership of this open space in June. Cllr Brown is confident the Town Council will be granted the land and around £600,000 of ‘section 106’ money.

A group of residents including Town councillor Peter Yeo have also laid claim to the open space and the estate developer’s funding. We ask Cllr Brown whether Cllr Yeo’s group members will be considered for this advisory group.