Councillor Challenges Shaftesbury Town Council Rules After Losing Vote For Committee Position

Shaftesbury Town councillors have voted in members of their committees for the year ahead.

Newly-elected councillor Virginia Edwyn-Jones will chair the Planning Committee.

Cllrs Peter Yeo and Karen Tippins have both previously argued that councillors choosing who they wish to work with is unfair and undemocratic, because they were not being picked. But Cllr Tippins was voted onto the Planning Committee last night.

Cllr Yeo put himself forward for each committee but failed to garner support. He asked for the maximum number of members on committees to be changed, so he could be allowed on. Cllr Yeo was told why that couldn’t happen. During several outbursts, he claimed the process was a ‘fix’ and ‘perverted democracy’.