Dinah’s Hollow Works Are Part Of Bypass Plan Claims Melbury Abbas Council Chairman

Dorset Council will discuss a £4.3 million project to stabilise the slopes of Dinah’s Hollow during the council cabinet meeting on 6th April.

The works will see the removal of some of the trees and foliage from the holloway, which links East Melbury and Melbury Abbas along the C13 road.

Dorset Council believes the risk of a landslip presents a threat to life and could seriously disrupt the major north to south route if it became blocked.

Parish Council chairman William Kenealy

The chairman of Melbury Abbas and Cann Parish Council, William Kenealy, claims the work is unnecessary. And he believes Dorset Council has another agenda. William says they want to build a ‘short bypass, which would involve the destruction of at least six listed houses’. That doesn’t feature on the agenda for next month’s meeting, but William says, “It’s a war of attrition,” designed to depopulate that part of the village.