Dorset Council Backs Project To Stabilise Dinah’s Hollow – Road Will Close For Seven Months

Dorset Council’s cabinet has backed a £4 million programme of anti-landslip measures for Dinah’s Hollow.

The project will remove many trees and nearby badger setts. Mesh will be stretched across sections of the banks at either side of the C13 road to prevent slippage.

Cllr Jane Somper supports the safety works but says she wants to save as many trees as possible.

This is how Cllr William Kenealy believes Dinah’s Hollow could look like after the work.

This busy route could be closed for seven months, from spring 2022. Yesterday, councillors heard about the disruption experienced by residents of nearby villages during the 2014 closure.

Dorset Council’s project timeline includes provision for a public enquiry to address the proposals.

Listen to our report at 1:16.