Dorset Council Planning Compulsory Purchase Of Dinah’s Hollow Ahead Of Controversial Slopes Works.

Dorset Council is proceeding with a compulsory purchase order of land running alongside Dinah’s Hollow on the C13 road in Melbury.

Melbury Abbas Parish Council has turned to science to try and block the £4.4m project that Dorset Council says will remove the landslip risk. They intend felling trees and clearing foliage from the side of the hollow and bolstering its banks with a meshing system held in place by metal rods.

The Parish is commissioning wildlife experts to undertake a detailed bat and ecology survey. And the Parish Council has agreed to spend up to £1,200 on seismology kit. A local expert will use the gear to support the theory that vibrations from HGV traffic in the hollow is the real risk for landslips.

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