Dorset Council Prepared To Listen To Objection Over Proposed Shaftesbury Parking Fee

Shaftesbury Town Council and Shaftesbury Chamber of Commerce have objected to proposed parking charges, which will make it cheaper to park in Gillingham.

You’ll hear how the pricing has been worked out in our report.

On Tuesday, in a Dorset Council meeting, Cllr Ray Bryan who oversees Highways and Parking said he’d be prepared to discuss the suggested fee changes, following a strong written objection from Shaftesbury Chamber of Commerce and the Town Council.

Dorset Council is also planning to introduce a shoppers’ parking permit and a residents’ parking permit. A Wimborne councillor has requested a reduced permit rate for residents of historic towns like Wimborne and Shaftesbury.

In market towns like ours ‘designed for the horse and cart’ town centre residents often have no choice but to pay for permit parking away from their homes. It will be up to the Town Council to push for a third parking permit option, according to the Dorset Council meeting.