Dorset Council Tax Rise of 3% Needed But Climate Emergency Work Escapes Cuts

It looks like our council tax will go up by 3% from April. A band D property owner will pay just over £1 extra each week.

This suggestion will need Full Dorset Council ratification before the bills are sent out. Friday’s Place Scrutiny meeting heard the authority is facing reduced revenue because of covid and increased costs. But officers have a plan to help the council address the expected energy price rises.

The Council will make some budget cuts, in some cases by not replacing exiting staff or by carefully selecting software licences. These ‘transformational changes’ will reduce expenditure, but the climate emergency response work won’t be affected. The Council has secured £10 million for that project and will recruit a director, whose entire focus will be the climate emergency response. He or she will have a £750,000 budget to help the Council work towards carbon neutral status in 2040.

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