Dorset Councillors Discuss Future Plans For St Mary’s Shaftesbury School

Dorset councillors who serve the Shaftesbury area have reacted to Dorset Council’s decision to buy St Mary’s Shaftesbury School.

Shaftesbury’s Liberal Democrat councillors, Derek Beer and Tim Cook, claim that they’ve not been fully informed of Dorset Council’s plans. They both want membership of the steering group which will shape the future use of St Mary’s.

Cllr Tim Cook shares his understanding of what will happen to the former school and explains how the purchase of the 55-acre site will be funded. Dorset Council is facing a £42 million budget hole. The Conservative-run authority is considering streamlining some services and increasing council tax to meet this shortfall.

He tells us why he thinks the purchase of a property, which lies outside the county in Wiltshire, is perfectly acceptable.

Conservative Dorset councillor Jane Somper, who represents Melbury and Fontmell, responds to locals’ concerns that the site could be used for a housing estate.