Dorset Local Plan – Town Council Wants Maltings Link Road And No Enmore Green Traveller Site

Dorset Council wants residents, town and parish councils to comment on the new Local Plan before 15th March.

Future planning applications will be assessed against the Local Plan’s policies. The development of the blueprint also determines infrastructure improvements until the year 2038.

Shaftesbury Town Council had proposed a working party which would engage with groups like The Maltings Residents Association and Civic Society. But it didn’t meet. During Tuesday’s Full Council meeting, councillors have been told that there wasn’t time for a dedicated meeting to debate an official Local Plan response.

Cllr John Lewer

Instead, Cllr John Lewer shared his thoughts and his proposed reply to Dorset Council. John advised that Dorset Council needs to make provision for a new access road for The Maltings. He also wants the Enmore Green link road built and he opposes the development of a travellers’ site in Enmore Green.

John also shared a suggestion for trees to be planted to the north of Shaftesbury. This ‘Royal Forest’ would separate our town from an expanding Gillingham.

Councillors accepted most of John’s proposals, which will form Shaftesbury Town Council’s official response. Despite all of his work, John told the Full Council meeting that he believes the local plan consultation is ‘pointless’. He explains why.