Extraordinary Meeting Called To Ask Shaftesbury Town Councillor To Resign

Shaftesbury Town Council will hold an extraordinary meeting on Tuesday evening and there’s just one main agenda item. The majority of town councillors are calling for Cllr Karen Tippins’ immediate resignation.

Councillor Tippins was elected to Shaftesbury Town Council to represent the East Ward in December last year. Nine of the eleven town councillors have put their names to Tuesday’s motion, requesting that Cllr Tippins stands down. Cllrs Andy Hollingshead and Alex Chase started the process leading to this extraordinary meeting, which will be held online using Zoom next Tuesday at 7pm.

The meeting agenda on the Town Council website lists 24 reasons why the motion’s signatories claim to have no confidence in Cllr Tippins. It includes dates of alleged incidents of bullying, making untrue allegations and aggressive and intimidating behaviour. Some of the complaints relate to emails and Facebook posts by Cllr Tippins.

Cllr Karen Tippins

The document also references remarks made in public meetings. On the 1st April, Councillor Tippins repeatedly called a fellow councillor ‘thick’ and ‘an idiot’ during a council meeting viewed by the public online.

If the ‘no confidence’ vote passes, councillors cannot force an elected member to resign. This motion represents the strongest action a town council can take when a councillor has not been convicted of a crime.

Alfred contacted Cllr Tippins on Wednesday afternoon and asked whether she would be standing down. We also offered her an opportunity to share her position. She hasn’t replied.

Residents will be able to view the meeting on Zoom at 7pm on Tuesday. The meeting ID is 834-4998-9897 and the login password 028558. Click here for the link.