Have You Been Overcharged By Shaftesbury’s Parking Payment Machines?

Shaftesbury car park payment debacle was debated at Shaftesbury Town Council’s Planning meeting last night.

Cllr Andy Hollingshead has insisted that Dorset Council refunds anybody overcharged using the ‘Just Park’ app. This morning, Dorset Council emailed Alfred to say anyone who has been charged too much can call 01305 838236 with their registration, date and contact details.

Yesterday a Dorset Council officer emailed a Shaftesbury resident who had complained. The worker said the incorrect fee tariff displayed on the app had been fixed. We checked. It hadn’t. Businesses are concerned that visitors may drive on if they see the hefty, incorrect rates. Dorset council have emailed us today to assure us that the problem is now fixed.

Cllr John Lewer told the meeting that whacking up parking fees was part of Dorset Council’s policy to encourage more people to use buses. The Council is currently waiting on the outcome of a £92million bid to the government to improve bus services

Some residents have also complained they’ve been spammed by adverts when they have paid for parking on the ‘Just Park’ app. The ads appear to utilise personal data, including car registration details.

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