Maltings Residents Hear Town Council’s Mampitts Square Development Plan

Last night, members of the public heard how Shaftesbury Town Council will determine how around £600,000 of section 106 money from Persimmon will be spent on a community facility on the Maltings estate.

Cllr Piers Brown said the cash is ring-fenced for use on the estate, but the council wants locals to decide how they want the cash used.

Cllr Virginia Edwyn-Jones speaks at last night’s meeting as Cllr Piers Brown looks on

The council is facing competition for the land and the associated development money. A Community Land Trust, which includes Cllr Peter Yeo as a member, wants to build a community hall here. Members of this group challenged Cllr Piers Brown during his presentation.

Mampitts Square

Listen to our report to hear what happened and the views of some residents who went along. The locals we spoke with are not dissuaded from getting involved despite the tone of the meeting, which was heated at times.

If you live in the East of Shaftesbury and wish to be considered for this panel, you will find more information on the Town Hall website, here.