Mayor Calls Planned Persimmon Estate ‘Pustular Growth On The Face Of Shaftesbury’

It’s an understatement to say that Shaftesbury Town councillors don’t like plans for Persimmon’s latest proposed Shaftesbury housing estate.

The controversial developer has applied to build 51 houses and a block of four flats in a field bordered by the Higher Blandford Road and the A30 Salisbury Road. Mayor Andy Hollingshead said the development would be ‘a pustulant growth on the fair face of Shaftesbury’.

Cllr Phil Proctor described the plans as ‘appalling’, and Cllr Virginia Edwyn-Jones said, “It doesn’t do justice to this town or its residents.”

The proposed Persimmon site

Cllr John Lewer chaired Tuesday’s Shaftesbury Town Council Planning meeting. John didn’t mince his words either. “The building firm that we don’t like want build 55 houses in a place that should not be built on,” he said.

Listen to our report to hear why councillors hate this application and why they are objecting to it. Persimmon told Alfred they were ‘looking forward to working with the Council’ to deliver ‘much-needed housing’.