Meet Thursday’s Shaftesbury East Ward Election Candidates

There is a Shaftesbury Town Council by-election on Thursday. One East Ward seat became vacant when Matt Welch resigned. Alfred has interviewed both candidates.

Laura Langley lives on Mead Way and has lived in Shaftesbury since 2015. Mike Madgwick’s home is on Bimport and he has been resident in our town for 11 years.

Mike Madgwick and Laura Langley.

If Laura is elected, she tells Alfred she will push for a paid worker to remove dog mess from Shaftesbury’s streets and public spaces. Mike Madgwick wants a list of all Council assets published and he will encourage the Council to argue for a bypass.

Both candidates say they are not aligned with either of the two groupings on the Town Council. Laura and Mike say they will not be party political in their approach.

Laura favours High Street pedestrianisation and opposes the Mampitts Lane bus gate proposal. Mike chose not to offer a position on the ‘Marmite’ High Street pedestrianisation and the bus gate questions.

You can hear more of both candidates’ thoughts on local issues in our report.

Click below to listen.