No More Shaftesbury Estates According To Dorset’s Local Plan

Yesterday, Dorset Council hosted an online presentation to explain how the new Local Plan will guide development in and around Shaftesbury.

The government says Dorset Council must find space for 30,000 new homes across the council area, up until 2038.

But planners accept that Shaftesbury has taken its fair share of new housing recently. “We are proposing not to make any further allocations at Shaftesbury for now,” said Dorset Council senior policy planner Phillip Reese. Listen to our report to hear where in North Dorset new homes are likely to be built.

Mr Reese explains the Local Plan policy on Shaftesbury’s proposed eastern by-pass, too.

The Local Plan consultation continues until the 15th of March. You’ll find videos explaining the plan on the Dorset Council website here. You can read and respond to the document here. A dedicated member of staff can answer your questions between 10am and 2pm, Monday to Friday on 01305 252500.