Only A Bypass Will Meet Needs Says Melbury Council Chairman

Melbury Abbas and Cann Parish Council intends to commission specialist reports in their campaign to secure a bypass for the village.

Parish Council chairman David Webber told last Tuesday’s Shaftesbury Town Council Planning meeting that a seismologist has warned vibrations from heavy goods vehicles ‘would trigger a landslip’ in the steep bank adjacent to the parish church.

Steep bank by the church in Melbury Abbas.

And David gave reasons why any future road works which continue to send HGVs down the C13 and up A350 roads contradicts the principles of Dorset Council’s climate emergency strategy and the COP26 goals.

Shaftesbury Town councillor Phil Proctor is opposed to the proposed works preventing landslips in Dinah’s Hollow on the C13. He claims Dorset councillors who voted for the £4million scheme were misinformed about the dangers when comparisons were drawn with the Beaminster tunnel tragedy.

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