Pedestrianisation ‘Will Return’ Claims Councillor Following Dorset Council’s ‘Positive Vibes’

Shaftesbury’s temporary High Street pedestrianisation ends on Sunday but it could return in the future.

It was introduced in June 2020 to allow safe social distancing on the narrower parts of the High Street.

The vast majority of business and residents who have responded to surveys have backed the car-free High Street. Over 80% of people have said they’re in favour of pedestrianisation, but the existing legislation does not allow the daytime closure to continue once the government lifts covid-19 restrictions on Monday.

Cllr Piers Brown

Town councillor Piers Brown is confident permanent pedestrianisation will return within the next 18 months and potentially sooner. He says he has been getting, ‘very strong, positive vibes coming from Dorset Council in support of this project’.

In our Alfred interview, Piers says the Town Council has considered disabled residents’ objections. The amended pedestrianisation proposals allow full vehicle access for one-quarter of the working day, before 10am and after 4pm.