Public Raise Shaftesbury FC ‘Plastic Pitch’ And Diversity In Town Meeting Questions

Shaftesbury Town Council’s annual meeting was held last night. Councillors gave residents an overview of the town’s current challenges and the projects underway.

Alfred listeners will be aware of the major topics – from the spine road to High Street pedestrianisation and tree planting. This formal occasion gives residents a chance to ask questions.

Cllr Alex Chase answered one enquiry about the £500,000 funding of the football club’s artificial, or ‘plastic’, pitch plans. A second question involved diversity. Cllr Chase referred to work on disabled access to the pedestrianised High Street. You’ll hear Cllr Chase’s response.

Cllr Peter Yeo texted the meeting public chat room to ask the mayor whether he would resign. Listen to Cllr Hollingshead’s reply in our report.