Semley Council Objects To Sedgehill Houses After Villagers Raise Traffic Concerns

Semley Parish Council is objecting to plans to convert agricultural buildings at Berry Brook Farm into five homes.

Changes to national planning rules have simplified the process for applicants who want to convert farm structures into residential properties. But several locals have written to planners claiming that some of these structures were traditionally part of the Grade II listed farmhouse, within its curtilage. They argue this means that the developer should not be granted automatic planning approval.

There are claims that building five houses would significantly alter the community as there are only forty homes in Sedgehill currently.

Part of the ‘Sedgehill Circuit’

The majority of complaints concerned an increase of traffic from homeowners. Many locals enjoy the quiet walking, cycling and running loop, known as the ‘Sedgehill Circuit’. It’s feared that extra vehicle movements could affect this peaceful exercise spot.

Parish councillors unanimously objected to the proposal on Monday night. They want Wiltshire councillors, rather than the council’s planning officers, to make the final decision.