Shaftesbury Councillor Must Attend Behaviour Course Following A Hearing To Assess Bullying Complaint

A Shaftesbury Town councillor has been told she must attend a training course to improve her interpersonal behaviour when she speaks with councillors and council officers.

In a hearing earlier this month, Dorset Council’s Audit and Governance Committee unanimously agreed that Cllr Karen Tippins’ actions ‘amounted to bullying and harassment over a period of time’.

Cllr Karen Tippins

Karen Tippins won’t be able to contact the town clerk or council staff directly. And Cllr Tippins will need an appointment to visit council premises outside council meeting times. A third party must accompany staff when she is on the premises.

The Dorset Council findings were presented at Tuesday’s council meeting and, as you’ll hear, they didn’t go down well.