Shaftesbury Town Council Announces Team To Steer Mampitts Green Development

Shaftesbury Town Council has announced the panel of residents who will help to determine how the land next to Mampitts Square might be used.

Cllr Piers Brown tells us who has been appointed to the group. £620,000 could be available to develop the preferred projects. Currently, Dorset Council is holding on to Persimmon’s contribution of £573,000 of ‘section 106’ funding. The Town Council will add £45,000 to the pot.

Two groups are vying for the money and the land – the Town Council’s team and a separate community land trust (CLT) which includes a town councillor, Cllr Peter Yeo, as a member. One of the CLT founders was appointed to the council’s panel, but he had to pull out because of work commitments.

Cllr Piers Brown tells Alfred how the process will determine how locals want the money and land used.