Shaftesbury Town Council Decides Which Groups Will Receive Grants

Shaftesbury Town Council has awarded its community grants for the year ahead. Their new policy means the council will only fund half of a project’s overall costs – although they have been flexible when applying this new rule against some applications.

In our report, Cllr Alex Chase explains why a Wiltshire-based organisation will receive Shaftesbury Town Council cash. And you’ll hear how much money each applicant has been allocated and what they intend to do with the funding.

The Friends of Breach Common, Donhead Sports Club, a Shaftesbury dementia-friendly project, the North Dorset Rugby Club, Read Easy, Shaftesbury Cricket Club, Shaftesbury District Guides and Longmead-based Hope all received cash.

One councillor wanted to increase the grant award to Shaftesbury Abbey Museum. And you’ll hear why there was controversy over council cash support for Shaftesbury Football Club. Cllr Peter Yeo voiced strong objection to this donation, but his failure to follow meeting protocol saw Cllr Yeo expelled from another committee meeting. The club will get their £3,500 grant.

The Shaftesbury Country Market, Planet Shaftesbury and Shaftesbury Community Choir looked likely to have to start paying a proportion of Town Hall hire costs, but Cllr Andy Hollingshead used his casting vote to keep their sessions free, for now.

Shaftesbury Primary School PTA will receive money for their fireworks display after Andy cast two votes as meeting chairman for a second time.

But Shaftesbury Youth Club will need to offer a more detailed explanation of why they need £3,000 to fund club cleaning.

Listen to our full report on all the awards at 10:50 on Thursday’s Alfred Daily.