Shaftesbury Town Council Did Not Mow Wildflower Verge Says Town Clerk

Shaftesbury Town Council did not mow one of the trial wildflower verges alongside Christy’s Lane.

Town clerk Claire Commons says she’s very sorry that people were upset when they saw video footage on social media. She explains what happened and talks about the future of the town’s wildflower trials.

Alfred understands that every verge in town will be categorised as suitable for wildflowers, grass cutting or a mix of both management methods. Many locals love the wildflower zones, but Claire accepts that some residents think they appear unkempt or block a clear view of traffic.

There has been a call for a ban on the weed killer glyphosate. Some local councils have outlaw it. Glyphosate is still used in Shaftesbury in a limited way and Claire explains the town council’s position on its use.