Shaftesbury Town Council Pushes For Grosvenor Road Speed Reduction And Crossing

Grosvenor Road residents want a pedestrian crossing and a speed reduction, so they can cross the A350 safely, but Dorset Council doesn’t think it is necessary.

Shaftesbury Town Council Planning Committee chairman Matthew Welch told last Tuesday’s meeting that crossing Grosvenor Road was ‘diabolical’ and that he was ‘gobsmacked’ that Dorset Council has not installed a crossing.

Dorset Council undertook a survey last October and found that vehicles were spaced out enough to allow people to cross the road safely. But a resident has since pointed out that this was carried out when lockdown measures had been in place and we were still encouraged to work at home. Councillors called for a repeat survey.

Cllr Virginia Edwyn-Jones said she had found dealing with Dorset Council Highways ‘very tricky’. She told the meeting ‘unless there are deaths, and you have hard evidence that something has gone wrong, they don’t seem to take anything seriously’.

Town councillors appear determined to try to take control of this situation. They were reminded how Long Cross residents successfully campaigned for a speed reduction from 40mph to 30mph.

The Town Council will now hire an expert to demonstrate to Dorset Council that a 30mph zone and pedestrian crossing should be introduced on Grosvenor Road.