Shaftesbury Town Councillor Uses Casting Vote To Determine Open House Funding

Open House want to introduce new ways to support Shaftesbury residents in need.

The Father’s House-based project would like to recruit a paid project worker to achieve this. This employee would introduce more drop-in sessions, which could include IT courses, cooking or domestic training.

Open House requested £10,000 from Shaftesbury Town Council to launch this initiative. They wanted to enter a ‘service level agreement’ – a contract with the council for delivering agreed targets. Often these arrangements are renewed each year.

This application has been discussed previously and some councillors maintained their concerns that there was a crossover with existing services that the council already funds, such as the Citizens Advice Bureau.

Cllr Andy Hollingshead

Supporting this new venture and funding a staff position made some councillors uneasy, too. The General Management Committee didn’t think that a service level agreement was the best method for providing Town Council funding.

Councillors debated whether to recommend Open House for a grant for £10,000 or a reduced amount. Tuesday night’s committee vote was split. Cllr Andy Hollingshead had the final say with his casting vote.

Listen to our report on what happened at 1:00.