Shaftesbury Town Councillor Voices Concern Over Plans For New Coppice Street Car Park

Last year, Shaftesbury Town Council agreed a plan to create two long stay car parks, accessed from Coppice Street.

Currently it’s free for all the unregulated parking spaces next to the former Tesco toilet block. That will change when 36 long stay pay-and-display parking spaces will be introduced. And a new parking area on Shaftesbury FC land will provide all-day town centre space for workers and residents, who will be able to buy permits.

Tuesday’s Town Council meeting heard proposals to simplify the tender for works. Cllr Alex Chase hopes to reduce the £100,000 project costs. It is unlikely that extra car park lighting will be required, which might please supporters of the AONB’s ‘Dark Skies’ initiative.

The Coppice Street car park

Cllr Phil Proctor was pleased because he said bollard lighting is ineffective. But Cllr Proctor was unhappy that introduction of proposed electric vehicle charging points will be delayed. Cllr George Hall said the work will be moved into the autumn.

Cllr Chase doubts that the council needs planning permission to knock down the toilet block and form the car parks, although he says advice will be sought from Dorset Council. But Cllr Proctor was highly critical, claiming that consent would be needed for all of those tasks. “If we don’t have it, then somebody is going to have egg on their face when they start doing the work and the planning officer comes with a stop notice,” Cllr Proctor warned.

The Full Council will need to agree the tender document changes.