Shaftesbury’s MP Wants Frontline Teaching Staff Prioritised For COVID-19 Jab

Shaftesbury’s Member of Parliament, Simon Hoare, believes teaching staff and frontline emergency workers should be prioritised for receiving the coronavirus vaccine.

The Conservative member for North Dorset maintains the Prime Minister’s view that schools are safe, but Mr Hoare says there is a ‘duty of care’ to staff. Some teachers will continue teaching the children of essential workers at school during this lockdown.

Shaftesbury’s MP, Simon Hoare

Simon says he has spoken with parliamentary colleagues to push for a change in the ‘pecking order’, so teaching staff have peace of mind over their safety when schools reopen.

Simon details the emergency response roles that he feels should receive priority vaccination. He believes that pharmacists and essential retail staff already have a degree of protection from screens, face shields and distancing measures.