Shaftesbury’s Neighbourhood Plan Will Go To The Public Vote

The Shaftesbury Neighbourhood Plan will go to the public vote after Dorset Council agreed that the development blueprint was ready to go before the electorate in a referendum.

The plan was prepared following widespread consultation, including the use of a pop-up shop on the High Street in autumn 2019. Neighbourhood Plan policies include guidance for developers about appropriate design styles. The plan also lists valuable green and open spaces, encourages sustainable transport and aims to protect Shaftesbury’s green slopes from overdevelopment.

Each of the policies was supported by at least 84% of people who completed feedback forms.

Cllr John Lewer liaised with the volunteers producing the plan on behalf of the Shaftesbury Town Council and believes people will back the plan. “There is nothing in it that a reasonable person could object to,” said John.

Some locals feel that developers can do what they wish, but John believes the plan is valuable in representing Shaftesbury residents’ wishes. “It’s not pointless, because it’s another piece of legislation that has to be taken into consideration,” he said.