Shaftesbury’s New Mayor Urges Councillors To Work Together

Shaftesbury has a new mayor.

Cllr Andy Hollingshead was voted into the role at last night’s Full Council meeting. We ask him why he wants the role.

Any member of the public viewing Tuesday’s Town Council meeting would have witnessed ninety minutes dominated by argument, accusations and conflict. Once again, the majority of councillors voted to exclude fellow councillors from the online session.

Shaftesbury’s new mayor – Cllr Andy Hollingshead

Cllrs Karen Tippins and Peter Yeo failed to observe the chairman’s requests to comply with the meeting’s rules and procedures. We ask Cllr Hollingshead how he believes he can bring order to this troubled council.

During the meeting, outgoing mayor, Cllr Tim Cook, paid tribute to the community’s coronavirus response.

Listen at 1:09.