Shaftesbury’s Opinions On Dorset Council Car Park Policy Will Now Be Heard Following Oversight

Shaftesbury’s views on new parking charges will now be heard after an oversight by Shaftesbury Town Council.

New car parking charges start across the Dorset Council area on 1st April. Here, Sunday parking fees for Bell Street and Angel Lane are being introduced.

Dorset Council has set up a working party to discuss these and future car parking proposals. But Alfred asked Dorset Council why Shaftesbury businesses and residents were not being represented on this panel. Blandford has several organisations participating, and two Gillingham groups are representing their town’s interests.

Bell Street car park

Dorset Council told us that Shaftesbury Town Council didn’t respond to their invitation to join the working party and to nominate local groups. Cllr Alex Chase says the Town Council has now rectified this, after Alfred highlighted that Shaftesbury had been denied a voice in these discussions.

Dorset Council is proposing separate car parking policies for coastal, rural and town locations. They hope to introduce a permit for residents. Plans to extend car park fees until 8pm have been dropped following objections. Now Shaftesbury’s views will be heard as these proposals are developed.