Strong Criticism Prompts Town Council To Consider Fighting New Housing Estate Approval

Shaftesbury Town Council will decide whether to hire a planning barrister to see whether there are grounds to overturn the approval of 23 homes at Enmore Court.

During Tuesday’s Town Council meeting, Shaftesbury resident Charlotte Mackay stood up and criticised councillors for ‘rolling over’ while the developer lodged a successful planning appeal.

Charlotte Mackay (standing right) calls for vote of no confidence in Cllr Tim Cook (seated left)

Mrs Mackay has campaigned against the estate since 2018. She opposes the development of the town’s slopes. She said she was ‘baffled’ that the council had not put the estate’s approval on the meeting agenda for discussion.

Charlotte singled out Cllr Tim Cook, claiming he’d ‘dropped the ball’ and called for a vote of no confidence in him. You’ll hear Tim’s response in our report. Mrs MacKay’s strong words appear to have prompted the Town Council into action, as you’ll hear.