Team That Tried To Buy Bell Street Supermarket For Shaftesbury Disappointed By Online Auction

Cllr Piers Brown and Jackie Upton King both served on the ‘Project Belle’ committee – the group that prepared Shaftesbury Town Council’s bid to buy the former Co-op on Bell Street.

Jackie and Piers are disappointed that the group has not been informed of the proposed sale by the owners of the 0.3-acre town centre site. Piers thinks it unlikely that the council will have time to prepare a new bid.

The former Co-op store on Bell Street

Jackie tells Alfred what the council plans for the empty store would have offered our community. And both Jackie and Piers tell us what they would not want to see on this high-profile site.

The former supermarket, also used by Somerfield and Budgens, has been empty since 2017. The store will be auctioned on 10th February and its agents suggest bids starting at around £580,000. That’s a sum close to the amount offered by Shaftesbury Town Council. The council kept its bid on the table for eleven months but withdrew the offer because the process stalled.