Tell Dorset Council Which Special Buildings You Don’t Want To Lose

Dorset Council wants to know which buildings you value the most in the area.

There are 124 listed buildings within Shaftesbury town centre. Properties like the Grosvenor Arms, the Ship Inn, Trinity Church and St Peter’s have been afforded a high degree of protection. But across North Dorset, there are other significant buildings which are not recognised for their historic value or their local importance.

Now you can help to change that. Dorset Council and BCP Council have partnered to secure government money to compile a list of local heritage assets. Soon, Dorset council will ask you to nominate the buildings you value.

Senior conservation officer, James Weir, describes the type of property we should be suggesting when the nomination window opens. And he says owners of buildings identified need not worry about new draconian rules applying to their homes or businesses if they are added to a local heritage list.