Three Conduct Complaints Upheld Against Two Shaftesbury Town Councillors

A panel of Dorset Council staff and councillors have ruled that Cllr Karen Tippins and Cllr Peter Yeo have brought Shaftesbury Town Council into disrepute.

The hearing was convened following complaints about the councillors’ conduct.

Cllr Tippins called Cllr Matthew Welch ‘thick’ and an ‘idiot’ during a council meeting last year. In yesterday’s Audit and Governance Hearing, Karen Tippins was told that her behaviour had been ‘childish, unprofessional and wholly disrespectful’.

Cllrs Karen Tippins (left) and Peter Yeo

Peter Yeo had made an obscene hand gesture towards his webcam during a Shaftesbury Town Council meeting held on Zoom. The panel considered his action to be ‘vulgar, rude and offensive’.

Both councillors claim they are being victimised because they scrutinise policy, procedure and spending.

Peter Yeo told the hearing that, “People in Shaftesbury have been commending me for what I did in this meeting, standing up against malicious malignant bullies who wanted to destroy the reputation of the best town councillor in Shaftesbury (Karen Tippins). She’s got double or triple the votes of any other councillor.”

In our report, you’ll also hear what Cllrs Yeo and Tippins have been told they must do to apologise for their behaviour.