Town Council Hires Expert To Help Secure New Maltings Access Road

Shaftesbury Town councillors have agreed to hire a planning consultant to help secure a new northern access road from The Maltings to Wincombe Lane.

This action has been prompted because the bus gate is likely to be introduced soon on Mampitts Lane. The bus gate is a traffic restriction that will ban private vehicles from driving from the estate and along Mampitts Lane to Christy’s Lane. This means that all estate traffic will need to share just one access – Allen Road.

Allen Road will become the main access to the Maltings

Two residents raised safety concerns over this restricted access in last night’s meeting. A petition against the bus gate was signed by over 300 residents before Christmas. Last night’s Shaftesbury Town Council meeting heard the petition has not been accepted by Dorset Council because planning approval for the bus gate has already been granted.

The bus gate had been proposed assuming that a ‘spine road’ linking the estate with Wincombe Lane was in place. Some councillors want a compulsory purchase of the land near Great Ground earmarked for this new road. A planning expert will be asked to determine why this road hasn’t been built and suggest solutions.