Town Council Identifies Vandalism Hotspots For Potential New CCTV Cameras

Shaftesbury Town Council will look at extending the town CCTV coverage with new cameras in areas where there has been vandalism.

An additional camera at Ivy Cross and monitors at the Wincombe Recreation Ground have been suggested.

There is only £5,000 in the budget and Cllr Tim Cook suggested that a ‘cost benefit analysis’ could be undertaken. It’s been expensive repairing vandalised play equipment at the recreation ground and that could be taken into consideration when allocating, or potentially extending, the budget. You’ll hear about some of the other sites being considered for CCTV units in our audio report from the meeting.

St James Park could get a camera

Cllr Matthew Welch said he was ‘on the fence’, balancing concerns over privacy with calls to improve security. Cllr Piers Brown and town clerk Claire Commons explained the stringent controls for CCTV use.