Town Council Planning Chair ‘Incandescent With Rage’ Over Approval Of New Estate On Shaftesbury’s Slopes

The new chair of Shaftesbury Town Council’s Planning Committee is discussing options for challenging the decision to approve a new, 23-home affordable housing development.

The Planning Inspectorate overturned their previous refusal and approved the estate alongside the B3081 Shaftesbury to Gillingham road at Enmore Court.

Virginia Edwyn-Jones says, “We can’t just roll over.” She fears this decision gives the green light for developers to link Shaftesbury and Gillingham with housing estates.

The Enmore Green site

The Shaftesbury Neighbourhood Plan includes a specific policy to protect the town’s slopes from development. It is based on strong local opinion. The inspector has not given weight to this.

Charlotte Mackay formed the ‘Save Our Slopes’ group to oppose this development back in 2018. In our interview, Charlotte and Virginia blame Dorset Council and claim it is not representing Shaftesbury and it has let the town down.

Charlotte levelled accusations at one of Shaftesbury’s Dorset councillors, Cllr Tim Cook. You’ll hear Tim’s response in our audio report.