Two Sides Of The Maltings Bus Gate – Reaction To Road Restriction Notices

The proposed Mampitts Lane bus gate is the barrier that divides opinion.

Notices have gone up this week informing residents that the legal process to introduce the bus gate is underway, although some residents have assumed the Dorset Council sign is a joke because Mampitts Lane is written as ‘Maphitts’!

Proposals to prevent private vehicles from accessing The Maltings using Pound Lane and Mampitts Road are a long-established feature of the estate development plan. But the restriction had assumed an additional access road from Wincombe Lane.

Restrictions are being proposed on Mampitts Lane

The bus gate was first planned as a physical restriction – a raised road surface that most cars could not cross. The current proposal is mostly for signage and regulations.

Cllr Derek Beer tells Alfred that most of his correspondence has come from Pound Lane area residents, who back the bus gate because they believe it will stop drivers speeding between The Maltings and Christy’s Lane.

Alfred also contacted Shaftesbury’s second Dorset councillor, Tim Cook, to hear his views. We’ll let you know what he says if he responds to our message.

Maltings resident Laura Langley alerted residents to the notice on Facebook. Laura tells Alfred why she wants her neighbours to oppose this plan.