Understand Shaftesbury’s Neighbourhood Plan Before You Vote

Shaftesbury residents will have the chance to support or reject the town’s Neighbourhood Plan in a referendum vote on 6th May.

Brie Logan managed the Neighbourhood Plan project for the Town Council. In our interview, she explains how this document differs from the Dorset Local Plan, which we’ve recently been asked to comment on.

Brie Logan with a copy of the Neighbourhood Plan

She talks about the planning policies in the Neighbourhood Plan which will make the greatest difference to townspeople, based on feedback. If you’re still unsure what you’re being asked to vote for, you can ask further questions at an information point at the town hall. Dates are Monday 12th April, 10am until 12pm, Wednesday 21st April, 11am until 1pm, and Tuesday 27th April 11am until 1pm.


Disclosure: Alfred wants you to know that Keri Jones, who interviews Brie in this recording, volunteered on the Neighbourhood Plan Committee during the preparation of the plan.