You Can Influence How Shaftesbury Area Residents Are Represented In The Future

Dorset Council wants us to look at the local map and suggest whether the boundaries of the Town and Parish Councils should change. How would you redraw the map?

The Maltings could have its own separate parish council, looking after residents’ interests. It’s large enough. And potentially, St James residents may wish to leave Shaftesbury Town Council and go it alone. They’ve been a separate parish before.

Those possibilities are unlikely, but town councillors are considering whether residents in some areas administered by neighbouring parish councils could be better served if Shaftesbury Town Council was their council.

In our report, Cllr Piers Brown and town clerk Claire Commons stress this is not an attempted ‘land grab’. You can tell the Town Council what you think, but you need to be fast. This is a short, 12-week consultation by Dorset Council.