Uniformed Volunteers To Welcome Visitors In Shaftesbury’s Car Parks

Dorset Council is expecting an influx of visitors this summer.

Cllr Ray Bryan oversees tourism for the local authority. He tells Alfred about plans to manage visitor numbers across all of the Dorset Council area.

Last year, Dorset’s most popular destinations became overcrowded and experienced problems with littering, illegal parking and outdoor toileting. Ray says government funding will pay for more parking wardens, put in place more waste bins and collections and improve signage to warn of dangers of disposable BBQs.

Bell Street car park

He says there will be a ‘pan-Dorset’ tourism approach. Uniformed volunteers will be stationed in Shaftesbury’s car parks to welcome tourists, provide information and hand out information packs that feature wet-weather activity ideas.

In our interview, we ask Cllr Bryan about the ‘Welcome to Dorset’ road sign, which promotes the Jurassic Coast. Some residents suggest that it encourages people to ignore the North Dorset area and head straight to the seaside.