Angola ’76 Urges Community To Support ‘Last Chance’ Planning Application

Music will be off the menu with a new plan for Shaftesbury’s Angola ’76, according to manager Sally Francis.

Sally says she recognises that the business needs to change in order to gain the planning permission it needs to remain viable. The Planning Inspectorate recently turned down the venue’s appeal to overturn a series of planning refusals by Dorset Council. The Inspector ruled that the business cannot operate as licenced premises because of ongoing noise complaints.

Sally Francis

Angola ’76 can trade as a café, but Sally says she needs permission to sell alcohol and to remain open until 11pm, to make the business work. As you’ll hear in our interview, Sally is urging local residents and Shaftesbury Town Council to support her new planning application. “The voice of the people of Shaftesbury is going to be heard,” she tells Alfred.

Sally suggests an alternative plan for maintaining Angola’s support for live, local music performances in our audio report. You can read and comment on the new planning application here. You’ll need to scroll down and press ‘accept’ to enter Dorset Council’s planning website.