Business Owner Complains About Shaftesbury Parking Charges Following £6 Fee For 4 Hour Stay

A Shaftesbury business owner is worried about charges for parking in the town.

Geoff Coward, owner of GG’s barbers on Bell Street, says problems with paying for car parking at Shaftesbury’s Angel Lane and Bell Street car parks, and the cost of using Dorset Council’s recommended parking payment app, is harming Shaftesbury business.”If you come in and have a bad experience, you will likely think I won’t go to Shaftesbury next time. I’ll go somewhere else,” says Geoff.

Geoff Coward

He contacted Alfred because he’s worried about the level of complaints he’s now hearing. Geoff has shown us an app payment receipt where a motorist was charged £6 to park for just under four hours at Bell Street.

Dorset Council told us that’s wrong. New fees aren’t set to be introduced until January and it will be £6 for more than 4 hours. We checked the app and the price tariff incorrectly informs drivers that 2 to 4 hours of parking costs £6.

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