Dorset Council Approves Littledown Estate Changes

Dorset Council has approved changes to the Littledown estate, which were opposed by Shaftesbury Town Council, although the developer claims the Town Council didn’t respond to messages.

Developer Redrow wants to add two new affordable homes and build two-storey houses rather than bungalows. Cllr Tim Cook argued they would appear out of place next to the single-storey and adjacent dormer houses on Homefield. He also felt that taller homes would be visible down in the Vale and in the adjacent countryside.

Homes on the new Redrow estate

Shaftesbury Town Council has been critical of Redrow, but the developer says the Town Hall has not responded to their messages. This caused Cllr Carol Jones to question whether the Town Council was concerned about the proposal.

The planning officer reminded councillors that the authority needs to meet its housing target and that approved developments bring in cash for education services and infrastructure. Redrow’s planning application was approved.

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