Dorset Council Ends Shaftesbury Hotel’s Parking Permits – Chamber Steps In

Shaftesbury Chamber of Commerce has supported the Grosvenor Arms Hotel after Dorset Council said they wouldn’t renew hotel guest parking permits at Bell Street car park.

The Grosvenor has no car park and relies on the permit arrangement to provide up to sixteen spaces for overnight guests. The permits expire at the end of this month.

Chamber chair Virginia Edwyn-Jones has written to Cllr Ray Bryan, who oversees Highways and Parking for Dorset Council, asking for an urgent review. She says the hotel ‘had not been consulted, nor had he received any warning or communication in the months since the county-wide parking rationalisation went to consultation’. And Virginia says Dorset Council did not inform the Chamber of Commerce of the end of the business permit scheme either.

The Grosvenor Arms Hotel

In our Alfred interview, Virginia says The Grosvenor needs these paid-for permits or other town centre businesses that guests frequent will suffer a loss of trade. Virginia has also raised concerns about ongoing problems with the Dorset Council’s new payment machines either not working or the online system not recognising the number of the car park. She says this is causing real distress to local businesses, who fear they will lose trade to other towns or online retailers. “The inexplicable lack of communication from your department is quite extraordinary, and I do find it unbelievable that in a Council with around 4,500 employees, no one could be found to actually think this through properly,” Mrs Edwyn-Jones wrote to Cllr Bryan.

We’ve contacted Dorset Council for their comment. We’ll let you know what they say if they respond.

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